SEO Tip of The Day – Meta Everything

Does Meta Really Matter Anymore For SEO?

Traditional SEO as we know it may be dying but it’s certainly not dead yet. Until it does, here are some quick SEO tips to remember if web traffic is important to you or your business. The first tip is the most basic one of all – meta everything. To help your web site get indexed properly, you still need a strong title, meta description and possibly even meta keywords.

All three of these meta tags should work well together. Keywords in your page title should be reflected in your meta description and also in your meta keywords, if you choose to use them. Although Google and most major search engines do not utilize meta keywords, you can add them if you so desire.

To recap, the starting point for your SEO is meta everything for every page, post, portfolio, category, video and image. The process does not take that long and is good for search engines as well as anyone using your site. Although many people may argue that meta does not really matter anymore, it’s certainly worth the small investment in time and effort to get your site off on the right foot.



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